Shifting Landscapes

2022, Gerrit Rietveld Academie

Installation. digital collage, UV print on
textile, ceramic sculptures, earth  

Where is the line of intersection between fiction and reality when it comes to visual imagery?

Human actions have profoundly transformed the environment, leading to the emergence of a new kind of nature. The project delves into the extent to which nature, especially landscapes, can be defamiliarized and when they transition into sheer fiction.

The aim was to create a different visual image of the world we inhabit by repurposing real-world documentation and navigation tools. Using sources like Google Maps imagery, the created landscapes lie at the intersection of imagination and reality. The result is a fictional ecological narrative in collage form. While the imagery is recognizable, making it familiar to an extent, it presents unsettling combinations of geographical realities that wouldn't typically be paired and are, in fact, on opposite sides of the earth.

In the face of our ecological crisis, once unimaginable environmental changes have become troubling realities.